2023 is Your Year: Use These 4 Proven Mindfulness Hacks

Kim G.
4 min readJan 24, 2023

Plus a bonus free mindfulness tool.

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Everyone wants to have a better year. No one starts a new year and says, “I really hope this is my tough year where all the difficult stuff happens. I can take it. BriNg iT oN, UnIVeRse!” No, we’re a hopeful species. We yearn for better days.

What many of us don’t realize is that the key to creating better experiences and feelings within ourselves starts with our relationships…well, with ourselves. It takes a deeper understanding of who you are and what makes you tick. Once you discover this, you may very well have your best year yet.

Here’s how to take on 2023 and make it your year using the four proven mindfulness hacks below.

Tune into yourself 1–3 times a day

This mindfulness hack sounds easy, but it takes some practice. When you have so many demands in your day, you might easily forget to spend even a moment analyzing your mind and body.

Mindful.org lists this as one of the Nine Ways Mindfulness Reduces Stress, saying “You are more aware and sensitive to the needs of your body. You may notice pains earlier and can then take appropriate action.”

How to do it

Be still for a moment. Go inside yourself and just observe. Start with your body and notice if your shoulders are tensed up. Where else are you over-using your muscles? This is how tension and stress can cause chronic bodily pain, but becoming mindful of where and when you’re tensing up can help you relax more often and avoid it.

Do the same with your mind. You can physically relax it just by noticing how tensed up it feels by all the swarming thoughts. Give it a break here and there throughout the day where it doesn’t have to think. Even just a few seconds.

Double-check with yourself. Do you really want to go?

Sometimes our desires are contradicting and become convoluted with one another. Maybe you thought you wanted to go out today, but you feel physically exhausted. You don’t want to miss out, so you feel inclined to push yourself out the door.

How to do it



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