Tips for Nourishing Your Soul on a Daily Basis

Kim G.
5 min readFeb 12, 2021

We all have certain mental, physical, and emotional needs — things like feeling safe, attention, love, appreciation, solidarity, routine, consistency, being challenged, etc. Beyond the basic necessities we require in day-to-day life, though, there are deeper thirsts that must be quenched.

It’s just like that plant on your windowsill that you care for, watering it and trying to make sure it stays healthy and green. In the same way, you must also take care of your soul.

The problem is that it doesn’t actually come with a manual. So, how can you know what your soul needs?

These deeper needs are often ignored by those who are not in-tune with what the internal signals might sound like, leading them farther and farther into situations where they are unhappy and unfulfilled.

Some examples of what those signals might look like are feeling a constant lack of satisfaction, depression, loneliness, or general frustration. I know because I’ve been through the process of leaving quite a few situations that my soul was not happy in, and I’ve had to learn how to fine-tune my abilities to hear the signals that brought me to a much different, spiritually healthier life.

Now, how do you know whether these feelings are due to something your spirit is lacking? How can you know you’re giving your soul what it’s calling out for?

A tell tale sign that your negative feelings are a result of a malnourished soul is that the feelings you experience are ongoing. Any long-lasting bad mojo is a signal that you might be ready to grow beyond something, but aren’t giving yourself the things you need to do so. Something is hindering you. This could be a toxic relationship, a dead-end job, a habit, or even your entire lifestyle.

Knowing what your soul wants is a skill you must hone, like any other. Keep reading to find out ways in which you might narrow down the nourishment you truly need in your life.

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